Kim & Judy ​Seipel

Kim Seipel founded the Pepin Country Stop in 2001 with his wife, Judy. In the beginning it was just pumpkins in the fall. Both Kim and Judy held full-time jobs but they had a vision for something much more than just a roadside vegetable stand. Year after year that vision has continued to blossom until today what was initially known around town as ‘Kim’s Corner’ has become the area’s premier produce market.

As time went by, high-quality outdoor buildings and weather proof, environmentally friendly, outdoor furniture was added. Business continued to grow as the Country Stop’s reputation spread and gift shops and an Antique Barn were added. The corner of Highway 35 and County CC has grown into somewhat of an area landmark. A place to stop on the Great River Road. Kim and Judy invite you to stop by when you’re in the area.

​Pepin is a friendly village and the Pepin Country Stop is part of that culture.